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Replacement Parts for Servicing your
Original American Junior Firebaby
The A-J Classics Store is closed until further notice. We are not currently making new planes.

Firebaby bellcrank and control horn
Firebaby Canopy

Original 1965 factory bellcrank and control horn. Bellcrank packaged in new display card package.

New bubble canopy for your Firebaby. Simply trim off the flashing and it will fit just like the original.

Firebaby Landing Gear
Firebaby Rudder

Original American Junior Landing Gear from the last run in 1965.

New aluminum rudder for your Firebaby. Precision laser cut for an exact fit.

Wing for the Jim Walker Firebaby

New wing for your old Firebaby. This is just what the doctor ordered. Airfoil and dihedral are steam formed using one of the original American Junior Aircraft Company's formers from the 1950's. Meets the exact standards of the original. Painted and ready to mount on your fuselage.


Jim Walker Firebaby stabilizers

Firebaby horizontal stabilizer. We have a supply of 1965 factory original stabilizers and our new reproductions. Both are painted and hinged, ready to mount. The factory original stabilizers will be sold on a first-come first-served basis, so don't wait to order yours.


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