American Junior Aircraft Company model airplane catalog from Jim Walker in 1940

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Order the American Junior Aircraft catalog and, when it arrives in the mail, pretend that it is once again 1940. Whether you remember that year or just wish you could have been there, here is a chance to feel the excitement for yourself.

This full color American Junior Catalog from 1940 is rich in detail. Beautiful artwork of the A-J Bomber, A-J Hornet, A-J Pursuit "powerful motor, flies 1/5 mile," X-P Pursuit "low wing high performance," A-J Coast Guard patrol "with new flight control," A-J Interceptor "wings open at 200 feet - 1/2 mile flights," A-J 44 Army Fighter, A-J 44 Racer. Also, Jim Walker tells you how to have more fun with your A-J planes with tips on Bomb Dropping, Parachute Dropping, and Piggyback Glider Release. A real nostalgia trip back to the model aviation world in 1940.

High quality paper and printing with rich colors

A-J Model Plane Catalog from 1940 by Jim Walker

A-J Model Plane Catalog model gliders and rubber powered model airplanes from Jim Walker

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