American Junior Classics store is the place where you can get Jim Walker memorabilia. Model airplanes like the Folding Wing Glider is here and so is the rubber powered Hornet. Firebaby U-Control plane is shown in quality artwork on mugs, shirts and posters. A-J Hornet and 404 Interceptor are also available in artwork. Products to remember the American Junior Aircraft Company, it's line of model airplanes and Jim Walker The A-J Classics Store for model airplanes and artwork

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Welcome to the American Junior Classics Store. We have balsa wood airplanes based on Jim Walker's American Junior Aircraft designs. These model airplanes include the Hornet and the next generation of Folding Wing Gliders. These are quality balsa wood airplanes and not plastic. More American Junior model airplanes and products will be added as they become available. A-J Classics models are all MADE IN THE USA.

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