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Firebaby II
Replica of the famous Jim Walker
1/2A U-Control model of the 1950's

Firebaby II is a reproduction of the famous Jim Walker model from the 1950's

The Firebaby II is a kit made in the tradition of Jim Walker's famous 1/2A U-Control model from the 1950's. Along with the new motor mount, wing mount, fuselage, stabilizer, rudder and canopy you get some actual New Old Stock directly from American Junior. In this kit you actually get original Firebaby landing gear, bellcrank, control horn, and a brand new box from the last run of Firebabys in the early 1960's. We include a step-by-step color assembly instruction sheet, as well as copies of the original factory assembly plans. This production run is going to be limited to about 200 models, so quantities are limited.

Firebaby II kit parts from American Junior Classics

The kit is shipping with painted fuselage and factory original metal bellcrank. Once the metal original bellcranks are gone we will be shipping with laser cut plywood bellcranks.

Sorry, this kit is no longer available.

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