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A-J Classics GEE-WHIZZ
unavailable due to the death of Frank Macy

O-GEE Whizz...It's the Famous Hornet without markings, it it's bare balsa glory. U-Color It yourself. It's Ready-to-Fly and will Rise-Off-Ground just like the Original Jim Walker Hornet. Just wind it and set it on the ground and let the memories return. Just follow the simple "Take Off" instructions (included, in case you forgot how to fly this baby), step back, and ENJOY the flight. Same 18" steam formed airfoil wing as the A-J Classics Hornet.

Use your creativity and express yourself as you paint this plane. Send us a photo of your finished Gee-Whizz and get your photo posted on our web site. Winning design will get a free A-J Classics Ready-To-Fly model of your choice.

A-J ROG Whiz a Hornet without colors

Looks like it's Ready To Fly just sitting there

A-J Classics ROG Whiz top view

Carefully selected balsa used in construction

A-J Classics ROG Whiz side view

Classic A-J high-lift steam formed airfoil wing

( Out of Stock )

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