American Junior Classics offers the Nifty hand launch balsa glider

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The "Nifty" Glider
unavailable due to the death of Frank Macy

Balsa model hand launch glider Manufactured by Eagle Wing Model Aircraft in Portland, Oregon. Designed by Jim Walker's friend Harry Fosbury in 1936. This plane has classic styling and exceptional flying characteristics. It may take a little sanding to get it into shape but the payoff is a beautiful little balsa glider that will give you, and any youngsters who may be around, a day full of old fashioned fun.

1936 Nifty Balsa Hand Launch Glider

All Balsa Contest-type Glider

Nifty all basla hand launch glider

Complete with detailed plans and Die-Cut Balsa

Nifty Balsa Glider Airlane & Kit

18" Wing Span - 11" Body

The A-J Classics Store is closed until further notice. We are not currently making new planes.


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