A-J Stunt Flyer
based on the famous Jim Walker "74 Fighter
and still produced in Oregon, USA

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All Balsa A-J Stunt Flyer is based on the Jim Walker 74 Fighter

74 Fighter by Jim Walker
Here is the original model, with 1950's era packaging,that inspired the A-J Stunt Flyer
A-J Stunt Flyer and 74 Fighter shown side by side
Stunt Flyer and "74" Fighter are the same dimensions. The fuselage thickness may vary on the Stunt Flyer as we continue to experiment with minor design changes.
Stunts to perform with the Stunt Flyer and 74 Fighter
Jim Walker shows you two classic stunts you can perform with the "74" Fighter and the A-J Stunt Flyer.
Jim Walker flying the 74 Fighter between two boys
A rare photo shows Jim Walker flying a 74 Fighter between two young boys. This Jim Walker design is a proven performer and a very reliable flyer.

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