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December 2006 - Newsletter #11

The year of 2006 is rapidly coming to a close and we wanted to share a few memories with you. This time we are happy to have a lot of new American Junior photos, both old and new, to share with you. Also, we want to remind you that it is not too late to get an A-J Classics gift to put into that stocking for Christmas. Can you think of any better gift than "the gift of successful flight" that Jim Walker first shared with us?

American Junior Photo Album by Chuck Hein

Jim Walker at the Cleveland Hobby Show - Flying Fireballs in indoor arenaWe are happy to share some rare photos and stories of Jim Walker and American Junior from the mid 1950' into the 1960's. These materials were provided to American Junior Classics by Raymond Hein, the son of Chuck Hein. Chuck Hein worked for American Junior from 1954 till the early 1960's. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of the modeling world of the not so distant past.

Be sure to watch Chuck Hein's short interview on "live" TV from the 1961 "Success Story" broadcast. Also, see the Sky Wolves model club go U-Control in 1941, from a Chuck Hein film.

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Miss Unlimited - An American Junior Boat

American Junior Miss Unlimited model boat by American Junior Aircraft CompanyDid you know that American Junior was involved in the production of model boats as well as model planes? Here are photos of "Miss Pend Oreille," built from the unlimited hydroplane kit "Miss Unlimited" by American Junior. This is one of three model boat kits made by American Junior.

The model you see here is a recently completed project by Jeff Miller shows quality model building and a nice view into the boating side of American Junior. Jeff lives on the shore of lake Pend Oreille in Idaho, so we know where the boats' name came from.

Special addition - We have a rare film clip from 1956-57, showing Jim Walker helping young boys with the Miss Thriftway boat. You have to check this out...

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Fireball Restoration Service

Fireball restoration by Frank MacyFrank Macy is into the restoration of original American Junior Fireballs. He is in the process of breathing new life into some old models and bringing back their original grandeur.

If you have a poor Fireball in need of repair and restoration, there is nobody better qualified than Frank Macy to do this. At current count he has built or restore over 70 Fireballs.

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American Junior Hornet poster

Bill Speck Grew Up with A-J Models

Bill Speck shares his fond memories of growing up with the American Junior model planes. This message comes from Mesa, Arizona where Bill is retired.

If you have a story to share with us, please send us an e-mail or letter.

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