American Junior Classics and the Radio Controlled Jim Walker Pursuit

Jim Walker's Pursuit gets R/C Upgrade

Noel Martin and his RC Pursuit a Jim Walker historic model

Noel Martin is making final adjustments on his Jim Walker Pursuit. This is one of Frank Macy's new replicas of the classic American Junior Pursuit. Up to now the Hornet has been used for conversion to R/C. However, since the Pursuit has a larger lifting surface than the smaller Hornet, it is better adapted to the conversion to radio control.

Test flights have proven this to be an extremely airworthy ship.

Noel is the owner of the Miniature Aviation Showcase in McMinnville, Oregon and he loves to experiment with new models and ideas. From classic old time technology to the latest in electronics today, he constantly keeps up with the advances in model aviation. The Pursuit model he is using here is available from the A-J Classics website store. So feel free to set your Pursuit free as an electric RC.



RC converted Jim Walker Pursuit
The miniature controls are located on the bottom of the fuselage. The lithium battery is attach by velcro.
The Jim Walker Pursuit by American Junior has been converted to Radio Control
Here you can see the push/pull control for the rudder and the carbon fiber control rod for the elevator.
The radio transmitter and the RC Jim Walker Pursuit are ready to fly
Here is the full radio set-up ready to go. Notice how hidden the radio gear is when viewed from above.

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