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American Junior Aircraft Parts Deptartment

The A-J Classics Store is closed until further notice. We are not currently making new planes.

New Wings for the Hornet and Model "74" Fighter

New Hornet wings available from American Junior Classics
Now available from A-J Classics. Steam formed replacement Hornet and "74" Fighter wings.
(more info on new replacement wings)

New Fireball and Firebaby Canopies

New replacement canopies for your Fireball or Firebaby. (more info on new canopies)

Plastic Folding Wing Pivot Mechanism
to create a Folding Wing Glider

Folding Wing Parts available to make your on folding wing glider
This new wing pivot mechanism was designed in 2002 and is used on the folding wing Interceptor II.
We are currently not selling this as a separate item, only on finished models.
(more info on the Wing Pivot assembly )

A-J Fireball and Super Firecat Decals

Decals for your new model or restoration project. (more info on Fireball & Firecat decals)



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