American Junior Army Interceptor sees service in World War II

Jim Walker's Folding Wing 404 Interceptor
gets Radio Control Upgrade

It was the Summer of 2004 when Paul Bradley adapted the Folding Wing 404 Glider to become a Catapult Launch Radio Control Glider. In December of the same year he designed and built a Radio Control Hornet from one of Frank Macy's reproductions. What would Jim Walker say if he could see his small "ready to fly" models being outfitted with radio gear that in his day would be considered science-fiction. We think Jim would be delighted and would be right in there designing and inventing with the best of them. The radio gear of Jim Walker's day relied on vacume tubes and heavy lead batteries, what a difference 50 years can make.

Jim Walker's 404 folding wing interceptor gets a radio control upgrade from Paul Bradley.

Paul Bradley did a great job adapting the 404 Interceptor for Radio Control. These images are from his website Paul's comments are posted below the next profile view of the 404.

404 Interceptor with radio control receiver and control details

Back in the 40's, Jim Walker introduced a model that would become an everlasting classic -- the folding wing 404 Interceptor. This model is launched via a rubber band tied to a short stick (a catapult). When launched, the wings are folded back. At the top of the climb the wing unfold and the model starts gliding. The original Jim Walker Interceptors have long been out of production. Several people have introduced reproductions of this great model. Currently, a very high quality reproduction is being offered by Frank Macy, (American Junior Classics). I decided to convert one of the reproduction models to radio control. This was done using a micro RFFS-100 receiver from Dynamic Web Enterprises and two mini magnetic actuators from Bob Selman. The model flys nicely in my backyard in this configuration.


Control rods for the 404 Interceptor radio control catapult launch glider - a Paul Bradley modification

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