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January 2005 - Newsletter #3

Welcome to the third issue of the Jim Walker FireWire. The good news is that we have continued to build our web site and it is getting great responses from many of you. Please pass this Newsletter to your friends and encourage them to sign-up for the FireWire on our web site.

We also encourage you to send in any stories from your youth that tells us of the joyful discovery of flight. Sharing those fabulous memories helps us all remember how exciting it was. For the past and furure generations, keep those stories coming; and don't forget to send some photos.

Little Known Fact...

American Junior Kite Soaring Team from 1929 - Portland, OregonDid you know that in 1929 American Junior had a Kite Soaring Team? This photo from the A-J Classics archives shows the young members. Notice the early A-J models they are holding. This is definitely in the days before folding wing gliders and U-Control.

The year 1929 was an important year for Jim Walker. The "American Junior Aircraft Company" became the official entity and the company was moved from the family basement to a new production facility that allowed for increased production. It was also June of this year that Jim got married.

FIREBALL information added to web site...

Jim Walker performs his famous sabre dance with the Fireball on a two-speed U-ControlWe have updated information related to the Jim Walker FIREBALL on the A-J Classics web site. You can read a brief history of the pre-war Fireball and then take a look at the early two-speed ignition system developed by Jim Walker.

Also, for the first time in half a century, you can see Jim performing his famous "Sabre Dance" with his two- speed Fireball. This extremely rare film footage is an exclusive from our archives. Frank Macy narrates this short video clip.

Read more on the Fireball - just click here......

The A-J Store is now Open!

Firebaby mug is an example of the items available in the A-J storeMany of you have asked when the store on our American Junior Classics web site will be open. The answer is now! You will find Ready-To-Fly kits, T- Shirts, Mugs, Posters and more. Simply click on the link below and go check for yourself.

Please remember that funds we raise from the sale of items in the store go to our continuing efforts to build our web site. We are constantly seeking new resource material. As photos and stories become available, we will post them on the web site for all to share.

Ed's Fireball Biplane...

Fireball electric biplane is equiped with radio controlWe just received this photo from Ed Solenberger. Here is a Fireball Biplane he made for electric R/C. It is a 1/2 scale version of the Fireball designed by Cal Smith. Cal's original plans were published in a book by Fawcett Publications in the early 1960's.

Thank you Ed for sending this in. Now we expect to hear more about your design concepts, how it performes in the air, and maybe another photo or two.

If you have any questions for Ed Solenberger and his little beauty, please email us here at A-J Classics and we'll pass it on.

email: Your comments are always welcome!

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