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April 2005 - Newsletter #6

Welcome to the American Junior Classics FireWire Newsletter. This is our sixth issue and things are moving forward with new items in our store and stories coming in from readers like you. Please write to us and let us know what you would like to see in the newsletter and on our website. Also, keep sending in those photos and stories of youthful discovery. The "Air Mail" department is one of our most popular sections and we would be glad to share your story.

The "Colonel" Rediscovers A-J

American Junior is remembered by Colonel DuckworthChristmas 1985 holds precious memories for me. You see, that year a relationship began that has continually grown as a wonderful fellowship and modeling experience second to none. Though still fresh in my memory I cannot fathom where the time has gone these past 20 years. To clarify, shortly before Christmas of that year I had seen an ad in a well known modeling magazine for an A.J. Fun Pak and a childhood spark came alive. Could these be the same model airplanes I played with as a nine year old boy? Let's go back in time.

Read the Colonel's story - Just click here....

Classic A-J Pursuit available on eBay

Jim Walker's PursuitThis is Jim Walker's Pursuit, the big brother of the A-J Hornet. The Pursuit was developed in the late 1920's and was in continual production till the mid 1960's. It is a larger and more robust flyer than the Hornet with a 19" wing span as compared to the 17- 1/2" wing on the Hornet. It also has a much larger lifting surface because the wing's cord of 3-3/8" compared to the Hornet's 2-3/8".

A very Limited Edition run of the Pursuit is being offered with Original Factory Propellers and Prop mount from the 1948 to 1962 production era. The balsa body and flying surfaces are beautiful reproduction that would definetely meet Jim Walker's exacting standards. We have only a few left and they are going quickly.

Visit our Pursuit Photo Gallery...


Factory Original "74" Fighters for Sale

American Junior original 74 FightersA special treat for all the "74" Fighter fans out there. Frank Macy has dug into his archives and pulled out some original American Junior Aircraft Company factory models for you. Get 'em while they are hot. They are selling fast. Still one of the best flying balsa gliders you will ever find!

(These Factory Original models have been sold out)

"Super Firecat" Now Shipping

Jim Walker's Super FirecatGood news for all you A-J Stunt Fliers out there. The "Super Firecat" kits are now ready to ship. These beautiful laser cut kits meet and exeed the quality standards set by the A-J Company itself. Jim Walker always put out a high quality product and we continue that tradition at A-J Classics. So, If you want a piece of history and a great flying stunt ship, contact Merle Hoem at Hoemcraft Aviation.


See the "Super Firecat"

Why Is Jim Smiling?

Jim WalkerHow well do you know your American Junior history? Can you tell us why Jim Walker is smiling in this photo? Be among the first three to respond with the right answer and date when this photo was taken and win a free prize from A-J Classics. Winners will be posted in the next FireWire newsletter.

Hint: No, that is not one of his helmets used for flying his three Fireballs.



Hornet 2x Takes To The Air

Noel Nartin and the Hornet 2X radio controlled modelThe day is March 9th, 2005 and Noel Martin takes the "one of a kind" Hornet to the flying field in McMinnville, Oregon. The Hornet 2x is the scaled up A-J Hornet built by Frank Macy with radio control added by Noel. The 2X was featured in the last FireWire newlsetter. Now you can watch the action movie of it taking to the air in our Short Takes section of our website.




Firebabys from the Frank Macy Collection

Firebaby twin engins and Super Stunter FirebabyThe Twin Engine Firebaby and the Firebaby Stunter are a special treat from Frank Macy. These are "one of a kind" special Firebabys. Check the pictures and story on our website.



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