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January 2006 - Newsletter #8

Welcome back to the FireWire News from American Junior Classics. It's a new year and we have new things happening. It's been a while since we put out the last news but hope to release new FireWires on a more timely basis. We have new model designs in the works and a lot more American Junior history we will be posting on our website soon. For now, this is a brief release of the new news for 2006.

Frank Macy & Scott Griffith


The "74" and 404 are making a comeback

The Jim Walker 74 Fighter is shown in vintage American Junior artworkSoon to be produced again but in very limited quantities, are the famous "74" Fighter and the "404" folding wing Interceptor II. These popular models will be hand made, checked and individually tested by Frank Macy. They will not be available in volume, but by custom order only, for those wholove and appreciate the quality and beauty of Jim Walker's planes.

Stick & Tissue Fireball

RC FireballFrank Macy is working on a project he has long dreamed of. He is in the process of finishing a full scale stick and tissue Fireball. The final model will be powered with an electric motor and radio controlled. Here is the model in progress. It is extremell light and, as we all know, the aerodynamics should be excellent. Keep tuned into the developments. We will post video footage of the first flight on our website.

More photos of the R/C Fireball...

Hornet JR under development

Hornet JRAmerican Junior Classics is developing a new model with the project name of "Hornet JR." We have several thousand original prop hangers, prop bearings, that we intend to use with the new model. We will be using the "74" Fighter steam formed wing and stabilizer and adapting them to the Hornet style production. The photo here shows the first prototype with a trim tab on the rudder. We have eliminated the need for the trim tab and are working on the paint scheme that will resemble the original Hornet. The wingspan will be 12" and preliminary flight tests have proven very successful. Expect news on this new model soon, and keep an eye on our online store.

Fireball 24 by James Duckworth

Fireball 24 ny Jim DuckworthAnother stick and tissue version of the classic Fireball is under construction. This time Col. James Duckworth is building Frank Macy's 24" wingspan version of the pre-war Fireball. James shares some of his production photos with us, so click on the link and see what he is up to...

Look at the Fireball 24 photos...

The Jim Walker Pursuit Goes R/C

Radio Control Jim Walker PursuitA few months back we released a story of Noel Martin and the radio controlled Hornet 2X, which was a scaled up Hornet built by Frank Macy. This time Frank has donated one of his new Pursuits for the purposes of creating an RC Pursuit. Noel attached the electric motor and miniature radio gear and has test flown this model. The Pursuit exhibits great stability and handles well. We hope to have video of this model in flight very soon...

More photos of the RC Pursuit...

Spruce Goose Takes to the Air

Folding wing glider of the Spruce GooseHoward Hughes' "Spruce Goose" has become an experimental member of the Folding Wing Family of planes. Frank Macy has developed this model for Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, it is modeled after the original Hughes H-4. on display there. Of course, the wings did not fold back on the original. Maybe if Howard Hughes and Jim Walker got together?.

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