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March 2005 - Newsletter #5

Welcome to the fifth issue of the Jim Walker FireWire. Thanks for your input and support. Please pass this Newsletter to your friends and encourage them to sign-up for the FireWire on our web site.

We encourage you to visit the A-J Store on our web site, and the new eBay Store. Our main source of income is from sales we make in the stores. We really need your support so we can continue to add content to our website. We have just touched on the history of American Junior, please help us to continue.


Firecat Kit Is Ready To Go

Jim Walker's Super Firecat an American Junior U-Control stunt shipJim Walker's Super Firecat is almost here. A lot of you have been asking about this U-Control stunt ship model and it will soon be in the A-J Store. Due to some last minute production issues, the kit will not ship till the end of March but we thought you should know about this great come back.

With new engineering she's easy to build and fun to fly. Produced by Hoemcraft Aviation with the stamp of approval from A-J Historian, Frank Macy. Check out the link below to see how you can get your own Super Firecat.

Click here to see more of the Super Firecat...



Big Brother R/C - The Hornet 2X

A-J Hornet 2X is a large radio control version of jim walker's rubber powered hornetThe A-J Hornet is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The latest addition is this Hornet 2X by Noel Martin of McMinnville, Oregon. This is a 3 channel R/C Hornet built to a 200% scale. Information and more photos can be found on our website.

This model was on display at the static model display at the Evergreen Aviatiuon Museum in McMinnville during the final weekend of February. Just visualize the extremes of scale with this model sitting under a wing of Howard Hughes Spruce Goose, which is housed there.

Click here to read more about the Hornet 2X...

Latest Ed Solenberger Creation

hornet bi-plane is a unique american junior hornet by ed solenbergerEd Solenberger is at it again. This time he offers us a view of his Hornet Bi-Plane. No news on how it flys just yet. Where did you get those wing clips, Ed?

Anyone out there with an interresting project like this? Send us photos with a short story and we will post it in the FireWire News.

Military Launcher 2004 Tested

Frank Macy tests the Interceptor Military LauncherIt was Summer of 2004 and after a wait of over 60 years a vintage A-J Army Inteceptor gets a lift into the air with a Military Launcher based on the original WWII design.

Here we see Frank Macy loading his Interceptor at the testing field in McMinnville, Oregon. To see how it worked just click on the link below. We have some background history and you will also have a chance to play a movie that shows the launcher in action.

Click here to see more of the Military Launcher...


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